Celebrate simplicity, but seek creativity

Just as the log cabin kit revolutionized and made home-building more accessible to the DIYer, web templates are now the digital equivalent. But like anything that catches on quickly that reduces cost, time, effort there are some downsides. The question we continue to have is how do you make the web efficient without compromising your unique identity. Websites are now the platform for mobile access. Designers are making the shift to the mobile-first mindset. The design not only has to be minimized, but it also has to be highly effective in varying presentations from desktop to mobile screen dimensions. With the idea of mobile-first, the framework for how content is presented is less about the visual impact and more in support of optimizing content delivery. It's uniquely a step-back in design thinking and an opportunity to rethink presentation within the context of responsive design. We are in a world that is always on and hyper-connected. In order to maximize performance and efficiencies, we also strive to find creative impact to cut through the limitations and maximize the opportunities. In that, we celebrate simplicity, but seek creativity beyond the everyday modular "log cabin" approach to web design. This is the design challenge on our minds today.