Design redefined.

What is unique and differentiating in a templated digital world? With everything moving and changing so fast, investing in a fully customized website often is raised as an impediment and costly. Companies desire full control of their website, but what does that mean for those responsible for the brand and visual design. We have seen design get watered down in compromise to support the technology or when the administration of the website becomes distributed across business owners — outside of the hands of a designer. Today, templates are all around us, and to their credit the template ensures that the original design integrity is maintained. But, the challenge lies in how organizations can differentiate themselves beyond the framework of these templates. Are color palette, font treatments and content enough to have you stand out among the rest? While design is not just about the visual aesthetic, it is about the user, the one who interprets what is presented to her. Form follows function more than ever. The user is at the center of it all. The user should not have to think about the design, but they also need to be able to distinguish it from the rest. How is this done in a templated world? This is a design question on our mind today.